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What makes a password strong in 2024?


At least 12 characters long, but ideally 16 characters or more. Longer passwords are harder to crack.


Avoid using personal information, dictionary words, or common substitutions (like "@" for "a"). Random combinations of characters are much harder to guess.


Never reuse passwords across multiple accounts. If one account gets hacked, all your accounts with the same password will be vulnerable.

Why you need a strong password?

Weak and reused passwords are one of the biggest security risks online. Hackers can easily guess common passwords or obtain leaked passwords from data breaches to gain unauthorized access to your accounts. Once a hacker gets into one account, they can use that same password to break into your other accounts that share the same login credentials.

The consequences of compromised accounts can be severe - from identity theft and financial fraud to reputational damage and loss of sensitive data. That's why it's crucial to use strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts.